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Gaius Charles Weekly NBC Taken Recap Ep 7


Thank you sincerely, to the many of you who have taken the time to read the Blog posts; comment and vow to tuned in. And special thank you to NBC Taken's, Acclaimed Actor Gaius Charles for an amazing opportunity to communicate with him one-on-one. It’s a sincere blast.

On this week's recap convo call with Gaius Charles (John: "The Quiet Storm"), I poked into his personal background, regard to being a Christian, employed in the industry. And I admit, I am pleasantly surprise. Gaius made reference to a recent conversation, regarding this particular question and conversation. He proclaims he reviews the material he receives carefully and cautiously, i.e., scope, scheme and message, while at the same time, he recognizes that "God can use all kind of material", to which I concur.

In further conversation with Gaius and the elite list of Bloggers, I was amazed as to the various topics of comments and questions shared and asked about last night's episode 07, season 01, "Solo", Thursday, April 10, 2017, NBC. Everything from what was going on with John, how does Gaius get into John’s character to thoughts on being taken as a hostage and professional integration tactics; wherein, I ditto and comment on the intense tormenting opening: OMG!! The hook up with Bryan’s deceased sister’s girlfriend: I saw that coming. Mill’s home is yet, bugged: I can’t wait until the mystery who, what and why is revealed.

Bryan Mills faces off with his sister’s killer, in which, think fast, what would you do, if you were faced your sister’s killer? Would you turn the other cheek? Bryan is also instructed to take a back seat: But we know how that goes. Then there's the wildest car scene / chase of the season. Bryan is captured and brutally tortured after going solo; having flashbacks of being tested to sustained torture and escape cavity (do's and don'ts), if Taken. OH YES, John strikes some hard-hitting blows when he confronts 'Goliath' and supports the Team whole-heartily throughout the entire episode. The DNI does it again! "Thank you for your service".

"This brotha is a big dude, lol! It was great to work with him." -Gaius 

[Life Lesson] However, there is indeed something to be said about going solo [disobedient-insubordinate], thus is the role of the main character, Bryan Mills plays. The Holy Bible states, "Pride goes before destruction, And a haughty spirit before a fall": Proverbs 16:18. 

In other words, in the words of John: "We're a team! Do you understand what that means? You keep pulling stunts like that and the time will come when one us of don't make it back... You think about that!"

 "Oh, that look!"

And, with just two more episodes left to the season finale, Gaius also dished out insightful information, in that "NBC Taken, actually produced two pilot shows: the 1st pilot focused on flashbacks showing Sam and Harris training Mills how to withstand torture and escape captivity and the 2nd pilot to include, as per the producers input, more of Mill's story; characters in the real world; little tidbits of who the characters are, as well as the entire cast and team", which premiered on February 27, 2017.

The show is, without doubt, an all-out, action-packed based show, whereas, each week I eagerly tuned in, as I'm immediately drawn in with the anticipation of sitting on the edge of my seat, waiting for the next pulsating scene, still. 

All New | Episode 08 | "Leah" | Monday, April 17, 2017 | 10/9C
| #Taken 
The team must protect an Israeli intelligence agent on the run. 
Guest Starring, Israeli Actress: Ayelet Zurer.

Are You Taken Away Yet? No... What are you waiting for? I urge you to catch up on the past episodes 1-7. And, if you have watched the show, please feel free to leave below any comments or questions you may have for Gaius and about next week's episode!... Tune in weekly. I will be blogging more, upon each recap convo.

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