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Gaius Charles Weekly NBC Taken Recap Ep 10


Well… That’s an insane wrap!! A Fierce Season Finale! Bravo NBC Taken! Great intense and edge of your seat season. Asha and Bryan lives! I also enjoyed the Twitter gatherings as I’m sincerely grateful for the humbled opportunity to Blog for Taken’s season one and very intrigued to look toward a must-be season two

Moreover, as I sincerely regret having missed the season finale recap convo call with Gaius Charles (John), according to Wikipedia's prospective, regarding season finale episode 10, season 01, "I Surrender", Monday, May 1, 2017, NBC: Bryan tracked Mejia and Asha to Texas while the OPCON started looking for him. Bryan attacked Mejia's safe house, where he passed the border through a tunnel to Mexico, taking Asha; but Morales is killed by Bryan, who convinced the OPCON to help him kill Mejia and rescue Asha.

Further, I learned when you receive a "direct order from the White House" it indeed trumps all other orders. But, hold up, wait a minute there's he goes. Yup ~ Bryan went Solo! He obviously missed the memo. Now the OPCON Team chases their own. Yet, can you blame him. Good, bad or indifferent, Byran's mind was set to rescue Asha.

And then in an instant ~  BOOM ~ BOOM ~ BOOM! Bryan ain't playing: "put your weapons down now!" There again, that's right John checked him: "Stop! Think! She's alive and you're outgunned and outnumbered". Asha being so close and still so far and Bryan very determined to usurp Christiana's authority and command, reminding her this is "what I was born to do" making an excuse in order to fast forward, I just can't!

Interesting enough though, FBI Agent Salt returns and is persuaded to help Bryan as he helped her: "an eye for an eye". Oh, by what means she forgot how Bryan stepped in when her husband was Taken and there was nothing she would not do to get him back. Speaking of stepping in, Christiana stepped up big time and took charge of this unofficial mission, putting the entire OPCON Agency in jeopardy of loosing their jobs: "Pleasure doing business with you".

Moving forward, I mean, that was some smoking party taking place at Mejia's compound. Hey, oh, it made me wanna dance with somebody, lol. But then whoa... Mejia turns and kills his point person. Okay, really, we get the point Mejia! That was undoubtedly a heck of a cruel way to retire. Needless to say, the music stopped and the party came to an abrupt end while John (frosty ice man) and the OPCON Team sho 'nuff kicked butt.

However, wait... what... No Way... is it as I predicated? Mejia cuts Asha's throat to facilitate a drastic attempt to escape. Remember, "Thou shall not murder" as the stand-off between Bryan and Mejia was incredibly extreme. I couldn't resist, everything within me screamed, "Bryan Shoot Him! Take The Shot!" And just like that with a BANG (ding dong) Mejia is dead! Needless to say, Bryan took the shot between the eyes and he was shot in return by Mexicans soldiers and Taken and dragged off to prison. I will admit, Lord help me, this is one moment I felt Bryan was justified not to listen.

Adding, yes I agree with John, that may have been the "wrong call" to order Bryan to stand down. But no regrets! God is able: "If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness." Sometime it seems you gotta make a hard choice and I applaud him for remaining by Asha’s side as Bryan entrusted her with him. Most assuredly, I never believed Bryan Mills was dead. Considering he was fully armored, there's just no way. Come on here season two. Let's see Bryan revived and not a dang FBI cover up.

Whew... what a wild ride! Taken is without question, an all-out, action-packed based show, whereas, each week I certainly and eagerly tuned in, and was immediately drawn in with the anticipation of sitting on the edge of my seat, waiting for the next intense scene. "Fingers crossed for season two".

Finally, Thank you all sincerely for reading and commenting and encouraging me along the way. And special Thank you to NBC Taken's, Acclaimed Actor Gaius Charles for an amazing opportunity to communicate with him, in addition with all the Amazing Bloggers, one-on-one. I really couldn’t ask for more.

In closing, if you were never Taken away, no worry there's time! I urge you to binge watch and catch up on the whole season episodes 1-10. And, if you have watched the show, no doubt feel free to leave below any comments or questions you may have for Gaius and in general about any of the episodes!... Thank you, once more for Tuning in. I've sincerely enjoy blogging upon each Taken recap convo. #Taken