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Keith Sweat at State Theatre New Jersey



"My Strategy is to give people just enough of me, then pull back, so they'll want to see me when I come back" ~from 1996 Billboard magazine interview with Keith Sweat.

Whew! No doubt, on Friday, June 162017, KEITH SWEAT certainly performed at the State Theatre New Jersey, New Brunswick, NJ, showing up in rare spicy form, ready to give this grown folk audience just enough in only they way he can.

Whoa, "if you don't want to get pregnant, you came to the wrong show", teased Keith Sweat as he thanked all for being there. And I'm not alone in my view point. "The People's Voice" spoke loud and clear beyond theirs:

Ticket goer, Wendy, with a huge smile on her face, who is a huge Keith Sweat fan had not seen him in quite some time was extremely ecstatic and very satisfied that "Sweat made her night" when he sang "Make It Last Forever", while one overly zealous fan yelled out, "Singgg Keith!" when he belched out "Come On Over To My Place".

Beth and Angela were sincerely super pumped and really enjoyed Keith and if they could "they would fly to Las Vegas to see him again" (I get it).

However, I was not quite sure about the trio of three, seated in front of me as Cecile stated, "that was amazing and he stills looks good" (agreed). Yaminah seemed skeptical and thought "it wasn't what she expected" and the third of trio had no comment (hmm). I'm clueless as to what they were anticipating.

Moreover, with the great seating I was granted to view and review this event, along with the old and new school audience members, some folks dressed to impressed, I can assure you, Keith Sweat TOOK OVER! It was a indeed a full-grown Keith Sweat party going on... Following his hype man, Keith came out the gate giving it with "Don't Stop Your Love!" The audience roared when he exploded onto the stage. "How y'all doing, feeling alright?", he jollity questioned. Yessss!!! the crowd euphorically returned.

"Ladies scream tonight and "get busy baby" he hollered. Okay, that was slightly impish as the hits kept coming, "If You Really Want It" and "My Body". Couples coupled up and then Keith got real funky with "Just Got Paid" and requested, "where the steppers at?" No steppers, but the party continue amid "Good Love" from his latest R&B CD "Dress To Impress" now on sale.
*For the mature audience

And just when the show couldn't get anymore electrifying, Sweat stepped off the stage, into the audience and began to work the crowd; up to the very moment he decided to lap dance one of the audience members, then taking her to the stage. I mean, this stage performance is unforgettable and "just enough" as he continued with "How Deep is Your Love".

But, wait a minute, although there was one, who believes the proposal did not seemed authentic between the two, out of no where, ticket goer, Anthony steps to the stage, who obviously decided to use the concert as public platform to propose to Eunice, his long time girlfriend of six years. Well... needless to say, Keith Sweat obliged and went a little further than that. Sweat invited the couple to come to the stage, where Anthony knelt down on one knee in preparation to propose and Sweat sang whereas having them sit and dance on stage. But to tell the truth, the segment was quite humorous as Keith poked fun at the two of them. And, I must admit, although she said "Yes", Eunice did not appear overly impressed.

As the party rolled on and began to a come to close Keith Sweat turned it up higher and gave the audience a bit more including, but not limited to "I Want Her" and "It's Like Candy" and in conclusion he gave "praise and honor to his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ" as he bellowed "good night" and exited stage left.

Keith Sweat's History

And if you didn't know, Keith Sweat was indeed born in Harlem, New York to Charles and Juanita Sweat not far from the world-famous Apollo Theater. Unfortunately, at the age of 12, he lost his father, a factory worker. He attended City College of New York and received a degree in communications.

In his early career, 1975 he was a member of the band Jamilah in Harlem. With that band he traveled and performed throughout New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. In 1984 he then branched out on his own and frequently performed in New York City nightclubs. He recorded one single "My Mind Is Made Up" with Stadium records an independent label that had only released two albums prior to Sweats.

Not too soon following, in the late 80s into the early 90s a new sound began to emerge called New Jack Swing: hip-hop with contemporary soul, high-tech funk and in some cases rap and lasted approximately six years. Keith Sweat was considered one of the stars of the new jack swing era highly influential when it comes to this form of music. His 1991 album "Keep it Coming" and the track "Why Me Baby" featuring LL Cool J is considered one of his final New Jack Swing albums.

State Theatre New Jersey

State Theatre New Jersey Builders

The historic State Theatre, a magnificently renovated 1921 vaudeville/silent-film house, was built as a grand movie palace in the heyday of silent film and vaudeville. "On Monday afternoon at two-thirty I will have both the honor and pleasure of presenting to the citizens of the City of New Brunswick and surrounding territory what I consider the finest theatre in the State." So declared theater manager Walter Reade in a quarter-page announcement in the Daily Home News of December 20, 1921, as he prepared to open the doors of the State Theatre to the citizens of central New Jersey.

Reade’s State Theatre was designed by one of the most accomplished theater architects of the day, Thomas W. Lamb, and was one of the biggest, most lavish, and modern theaters in the region. The December 26, 1921 opening matinee audience—including the first ticket buyer, nine-year old Victor Levin of Paterson Street, New Brunswick—willingly paid the twenty-, thirty-, or fifty-cents admission. They were treated to a live orchestra concert and a tenor rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner." The first feature presentation was the silent film, White Oak, a western melodrama starring cowboy hero William S. Hart. There were also five vaudeville acts, a newsreel, and a nature film and the now story goes on from ... to 2004 and to present.

Today, State Theatre New Jersey continues to flourish as the centerpiece and premier venue for the New Brunswick arts community with a diverse roster of entertainment, including international orchestras, Broadway, comedy, dance, pop, rock, family events, and more. The theater is the state’s second largest not-for-profit presenting hall, which contributes commensurately to New Jersey's $45 million performing-arts tourism industry, annually attracting more than 200,000 patrons. In addition, some 30,000 students and teachers annually attend its school performances and participate in its in-school robust education programs, including the Artist-in-Residence program, Family Day, Milk & Cookies Series, Scientists Exploring the Arts, and other outreach activities.

How I See & Say It

In short, my, my, my, how I remember! The R & B crooner took me way back with his sexy, silky and smooth sounds. But, Thank God I'm saved today. I did, however have a great time! The audience was outrageous and the balcony was full too. I also admired the stage lay out alongside the back drop videos. All, without question are encouraged by Keith Sweat to purchase his latest R&B CD "Dress To Impress" and note, the State Theatre New Jersey is a wonderful venue in New Jersey. 

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Huge shout out to Kelli, State Theatre New Jersey, Keith Sweat, Wendy, Cecile, Yaminah, Beth, Angela, phenomenal plus one, Alonzo "Hamburger" Jones and all the inspired readers of this Blog. Thank you! 

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