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New Jersey World of Dance Tour 2017


OH MY GOD!!... DANCE!... DANCE!... DANCE!...There are really no words to report upon such an incredible event! New Jersey's World of Dance Competition 2017 was absolutely explosive! An epic one that could not be missed.

Introducing The New Jersey's World of Dance Winners 2017

1st Place Upper
$1500 Grand Prize

2nd Place Upper

3rd Place Upper

Best Costume
ICONic Girlz

Best Theme

Crowd Favorite
Kosmic Edge
HeadBangerz Battle
$300 Grand Prize

With its largest sponsor, Paul Mitchell, "I Am An Original" at the helm, iPlay America seriously set out the VIP Carpet for All: Huge Sponsor. Full Body Experience. Snack Bar and Lounge. General Admission and VIP  Guests and anyone who simple walked through the door experienced the cut-a-thon: a fifteen minutes hair style per each guest at no cost and receive free hair product samples, i.e., Instant Moisture Daily Shampoo, Instant Moisture Daily Treatment and Super Clean Sculpturing Gel, iPlay Amercia, Freehold, New Jersey, Saturday, May 27, 2017.

Photo By Jehovah Express Productions, LLC.

Mitchell's lifestyle marketing department is on point with its prime placement; especially the promotional photo booth: walk right up, snap a photo and BOOM send it directly to your email, phone or social media account.

Multiple vendors aligned the VIP room, such as Fresh Empire who "is all about keeping it fresh and living tobacco-free". The "Rebels" (lol) World of Dance Merchandise Department working alongside their creative designers introduced new unisex pieces to the World of Dance Line, i.e., tank tops for girls, etc. with a new logo. VIP Goody Bags included: all access pass; meet and greet and take photos with the headliner talent and dancers; 2017 VIP T-shirt and Paul Mitchell styling products. CCILU USA INC was also on hand, "unveiling the "Horizon" series, a major step in the evolution of the comfortable sneaker".  and not too mention strick security run by hilarious Brian.

Moreover, the full-day competition and phenomenal competitors blew me out of the water, beginning with Spotlight Select Crew (a very popular dance generation) who now doubt came to dance, showing great style: They certainly "shut it down" and got the party started.

Up next, One Love Dance Company: "made moves", wonderful unexpected flip incorporated within the dance routine. Modern Demand Dance Crew: serious dancers wearing mask with lil' mamas...Oh wait a minute...Surprise! #strikeapose Lil' ICONic Boyz: amazing little boys rocked the stage. Dreams in Motion: very artistic message in the dance went old school and "pushed it real good", oh my gosh, Dougie Fresh, Michael Jackson, Fresh Prince and more.

KidzNexDoor: not convinced if the small crew of five were well received without clean lines. The Chosen Few Co.: hip "bone crushing" solo dance combined. Spotlight Elite Company: "Giddy Up!" Oh, those faces. Nice mixed unusual dance. Dimensions Newest Animators: very smooth animated and robotic moves and flips. But the audience seemed unmoved. The Source Dance Lab ft. Uncensored: Egyptian theme, tight lines and crowd preferred. LET'S GO: "Let's get it! Let's go!" I loved the black and denim colors, caps and good precision. ICONic Girlz: hit the stage dressed in bight red Addias worn from head-to-toe, straight lines and your modern day Rocketts.

High Definition Crew: New Jersey's own talented group. The Clutch Collective: a large group of incredible dancers with a huge supportive audience of friends and family. ICONic Boyz: middle school boys dance team that had a good sequence, winning over the audience. ICONic Jrs. (great job): now "this is how we do it!" Extremely suitable group of young people, close-fitting lines and entertaining. SAVAGE: undeniably danced liked that "wanted that trophy!" 

Noah Epps (Solo Act): amazing solo performance. Project D Dance Company: I really enjoyed this diversify group of dancers. B.I.A. Born Into The Arts Dance Company (jazz through modern dance and my first choice): a remarkable, spiritual spoken word piece, A God Gene, "all we need is faith". Rhythm City: (DA BOOM very professional dance team and my favorite): action pack, sharp moves, off your feet applause, tight lines and precision. High Definition Feeling Wavy: decent work! TEAM ICONic: held their own with a few missteps, but was well. The Neighbors (great presentation and my second choice): "Bump it up!" Dramatic dance number and wonderful definition. Kozmic Edge: New Jersey's own and my third choice came to win! Wow... The Twists. Turns. Flips...Backwards...Forwards...Skillful Definitions. Overall remarkable dance team! And finally Wolf Pack (crowd pleased): a four man dance team, danced as though "boys to men".

"This is  an amazing event.I've been attending since 2012. It brings everyone around. I love to battle and like that it's for all. I can't wait to battle today", stated Jason.

On the flip side, there is always a few who are not as satisfied as many complained about the long overdrawn wait-in-line and intermission.

"It's okay. I'm here for my daughter. I like the music. However, I live 1 1/2 hours away and did like the late opening and expected the doors to open as indicated where stated on the website. I also thought the show was too long and some dance teams had flaws and did not appear very organize", Protests D.

More to the point, I  really enjoyed the one-on-one interviews. Elena was very welcoming and thrilled about the family orientated occasion: "OMG! I LOVE IT!" Their family have been attending World of Dance Tour at iPlay America for the last five years, which have become their Memorial weekend tradition. Elena is also very proud of her son and daughter. Her daughter, Carmela Alessio dances with the High Definition Crew and is indeed a stand out dance competitor. Adding, she also spoke of her son's moments with World of Dance and how dance as helped refine his fine and gross motor skills and the valuable "give back" lesson she teaches her children, whereas, Carmela has learned and have taken dance to another level. Carmela started her own non-profit organization L.A.C.E. Little Angles Charity Effect. 

L.A.C.E. mission is "to help kids in need by providing monetary and product donations, supporting the latest research, assisting other established programs/projects, and encourage people to participate in activities that will positively affect the lives of today’s youth". *Donations are acceptable.

Adding, I'll never forget meeting and greeting the single Mom of Dancer Jaylen Stewart from the Savage Dance Company, as well as the Director Nikki of Savage. I mean, who knew we, random people would cross paths prior to their win. I stopped Jaylen's Mom, Maddy in her tracks to inquire about her thoughts on the New Jersey World of Dance Tour 2017. Well... much to my surprise, she was very excited to share as to how she as a single Mom, working thirteen hours per day, with God on her side was able to do for her son what no other one could. Spending her last dime to get Jaylen where he needs to go, included but not limited to New Jersey for the first time and California in the near future seems to be her greatest motivation. But then again, what wouldn't a Mother do for her children? Maddy also imparted these lasting words: "Dancing and being yourself. Doing what you love to you is what World of Dance means to me".

Savage Upper 1st Place Winners

Chatting with Nikki was quite the opposite, I sensed a hint of hesitation to the questions at hand. However, when she opened up and spoke, my, my, my (I plead the fifth), I'm sure she could not have imagined that God had her dance team in mind for the win. Needless to say, Savage graced the New Jersey stage for the first time and won 1st Place and Nikki's reaction was priceless! God is!! Never "judge or be judged".

A Surprised Niki, Director of Savage

Without question, speaking with Kennith Allen "Clutch" Thomas, Director of The Clutch Collective was quite an inspirational treat. I could discern his love of dance, dancers and for God who is seeking more souls to pour into, where he established The Level Dance Complex April 2016 and The Clutch Collective and Battle For Your Life: Street Dance Tour 2009.

Kennith Clutch

The Level is a Dance Complex and street dance camp in the states. Focusing on all-styles of street dance from Hip-Hop, Breaking, Locking, Popping, Krump, House, Vogue, and Whaacking. The company also focuses on technique and classical styles such as contemporary, modern, jazz, ballet, and tap. Their staff and choreographers that teach at the studio have worked with and are a part of a few of your favorite artist music videos, realty television shows like, So You Think You Can Dance, MTV's Americas Best Dance Crew and artist like Michael Jackson, Busta Rhymes, Mariah Carey, Jill Scott, Will Smith, Jerimah, Mary J.Blige and more.

The goal of the dance complex is to help students excel in their dance knowledge as it is used so much in today's commercial world and as per Kennith, who Trained since the age of 19 years old by Marcus Tucker, Andrew Ramsey and James Cricket Colter, although "dance is great, the purpose is to be a better person. Have faith and believe in God as it matters what you do with your talent". Hey, I agree... Matthew 25 (the parable of the talents). It may not be the way David danced, but Kennith is pleased to have increased from 6 to 60 plus and growing and he profess to take every student in and be there for each one, day and/or night. Maddie, the second captain certainly concurs: "It's like a family" and Kennith and all her dance team members makes it easy to be around.

Further, Jeannette from Paul Mitchell Lifestyle Marketing Department was fantastic at her position. She gracelessly went into depth pertaining to Paul Mitchell's partnership with the World of Dance Tour. As noted. Paul Mitchell is the largest sponsor for the World of Dance Tour. And for good reason, it's a great way to market and promote Paul Mitchell's schools, products and then some.

Mitchell has become the traveling salon along the World of Dance Tour. "Every stop where World of Dance stops, Paul Mitchell stops", stated Jeannette. The traveling salon consist of mobile salon stations, volunteer hair stylists, make up artists, etc. No gimmicks what so ever. "At each stop you can and will receive a free fifteen minute hair style and/or a free face makeup". So go ahead, "Be Amazing" like Jaraynn decided to try for the first time and liked her fifteen minutes hair style at iPlay America, Saturday, May 27, 2017.

Additional, the Showcase brought on Phenomenal Talent with thousands to millions views per each talent: "Casually Reggie" (interesting solo dancer), "NB Talented" (very nice singer, solo dancer and dancer), "Stoopkxd" (solo dancer and comedian taken the dance stage by storm), "Young Caylo" (cool 17 years old self taught dancer), Artist "Lucki Starr" (Singer, Song Writer, Dancer, Actress and Model, featuring her "MAKE ME" single at iPlay America), "The Bomb Digz" (charming 16 years old Jersey Boys, Devin, Kevin, and Daniel with astonishing  stage excellence; the girls went wild over this talented trio) and closed with MARIA RENGI (host and solo hip hop dancer); while the NBC World of Dance Talent Q&A Session was Broadcasted live via Facebook Live.

NBC World of Dance Headliner Talent

Yes, the traveling on tour NBC World of Dance Headliner Talent was unforgettably breathtaking, showcasing remarkable talent from the new NBC TV series: "Josh Price" (okay), "Luka & Jenalyn" (absolutely beautiful ball room dancers), "Nick Daniels" (incredible solo dancer), "Pharside & Phoenix" (husband and wife duo ~ eccentric hip hop dancers) and "SUPER CR3W" (excellent ~ need I say more), as well as the Judges HeadBangerz Final Dance Battle as Lili and Blue battled it out on the dance floor, which brings me to:

World of Dance Then
The World of Dance is a Fullerton, California based dance lifestyle brand founded by David Gonzalez and Myron Marten in 2008. Since then, World of Dance has then become an international urban dance competition that attracted more than 100,000 dancers and enthusiasts in more than 25 countries, spanning the United States, Europe, South America, Asia, and Canada. World of Dance has united the dance community to celebrate the lifestyle and culture of urban dance, art, and music. World of Dance also operates a multi-channel network on YouTube, with more than 300 channels and 20,000 videos in placement.

The stage contains dance crews, choreographers, and freestylers. Many of the groups that have competed or performed in World of Dance have also participated in some of the most popular nationally televised dance competitions such as America's Best Dance Crew (ABDC). In addition, all seven ABDC's champions—JabbaWockeeZ, Super Cr3w, Quest Crew, We Are Heroes, Poreotics, I.aM.mE, and Electrolytes—have participated in World of Dance either as competitors, judges, or guest performers.

Even India's famous dance group Desi Hoppers has taken part in the World of Dance and won it. They had shown their journey on bindass Naach. The group was led by Shantanu Maheshwari, Nimit Kotian and Macedon D'Mello. 

World of Dance Now
NBC's World of Dance dance competition TV series is now led by a judging team of extraordinary dance superstars ~ Jennifer Lopez (who also serves as an executive producer), Derek Hough, NE-YO and host/mentor Jenna Dewan Tatum. "The Olympic of Dance!" ~Jennifer Lopez

The 10-episode series from Universal Television Alternative Studio and Nuyorican Productions will give dancers the platform to showcase their talents and the opportunity to receive a life-altering grand prize of $1 million.

In partnership with preeminent global dance brand World of Dance, the series brings the world's elite dancers together to compete in epic battles of artistry, precision and athleticism. Solo dancers will compete against duos and crews in an unlimited range of dance, including hip-hop, popping, locking, tap, ballet, break dancing, ballroom, stomping and more. 

How I See It & Say It
World of Dance now merged with NBC, I find to be just that, a combined world of dancers from all races, colors and creeds to ages, shapes and sizes who truly have a compassion and love to and many who are born to dance. Although, I declare there is a difference from the talent I witnessed live from the original World of Dance Tour verses dancers I've viewed via NBC's World of Dance TV Show. Nonetheless, either way, I'm impressed with the God-Given ability and talent of all.

Well... That's surely a New Jersey Wrap! Big Up To NBC World of Dance Tour 2017, Kristine (Event Director), Crystal (Head Manager), Chelsea (Head of Merchandise), BBoy Morris (HeadBangerz Coordinator and pass competitive winner), Jordan (Media Director), Vince (Host), Kool Kuts (DJ), Jesse Lee Santos, Ronie Abaladonado, Mike Murda, Phoenix and Pharside (Judges); my son, Daniel and sister, Melonese and to all inspired readers, Thank you! See ya next year and Tune into NBC World of Dance Tuesdays @ 10/9C! #worldofdance

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