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Pinot's Palette Family Day



What is Pinot's Palette? Well... I'm glad you asked! Pinot's Palatte is a national paint and sip franchise headquartered in Houston, Texas, Founded in 2009, offering step-by-step fun and group art lessons accompanied by your choice of wine or cocktails (none alcoholic for me). The majority of Pinot’s Palette customers are female. As of August 2016, Pinot’s Palette had over 70 stores in 37 states, plus one location in Toronto and rapidly grew. 

Pinot’s Palette business partners include Craig Ceccanti, Beth Willis and Charles Willis. Ceccanti says he got the idea for starting the business after he attended a painting class in Louisiana with his family.

The Pinot's Palette Family

The studio was originally named "Pinot and Picasso." The name was changed to "Pinot’s Palette" in 2010. And after opening two additional locations in the Houston area, the company began franchising. The first franchised Pinot's Palette studio opened in Katy, Texas in 2010. Since then, the company has expanded nationwide with over 100 studios.

"We're Back"

That being answered, Yesssss... "Welcome Back!" Returning for the third time (minus sipping), I'm assured, Pinot's Palette expansion to Montclair, NJ where Family Day, Butterfly took place, Saturday, June 3, 2017 is well worth the investment. Adding, it was a sincere pleasure meeting Artist Instructor Eve, and Artist Assistant Adriana, up close and personal for the very first time.

Eve is an incredible part-time employee of Montclair NJ Pinot's Palette for four years with paint experience of about 25, as well as an Art Therapist, who recently received her Masters and teaches K-8th grade in Crandford, NJ.

Adriana, the Assistant, painting since preschool is a paid employee of Montclair NJ Pinot's Pallete and loving her job as well as a student at Montclair State University, who recently heard about the opportunity to assist at the studio.

Pro or con, the best part of my work is hearing "the people's voice". In this case, I'm pleased to report wonderful thoughts, regarding Montclair NJ Pinot's Pallete, in which I certainly echo:

"I LOVE IT! I love to paint, gleamed Ayana!" Ayana has attended class over five times and her daughter, Lala four. Ayana attendance include, but not limited to a Mommy and Me class, while Lala attended a play date with a few of her school mates. Ayana stated, although she has had only two direct interactions with Owner, Colleen, "the owner is amazing, she said. She's very personable and accommodating" as Colleen obliged Ayana's special request, regarding price range and seating.

Ayana and Lala

Ayana also mentioned as how to she visited a studio in Manhattan, NY, located in the basement of a residential building with no adequate spacing. Ayana protested she was extremely disappointed with the environment and policy to supply your own canvas and tools. She vowed to never return again (hmm) and remain at Montclair, NJ and would consider hosting a party of her own there. Her paintings are often selected upon like and price range.

Lala conveyed as to how she enjoyed herself and plan to give her painting to her Grandmother who loves butterflies... That's sweet.

Ann, Maryanne, Nancy and Party

LOL!!!... "I'm the reason they invented paint by number" teased Ann. Ann is the Mother of Maryanne and Mother-in-law-to-be to Nancy. Nancy was brought in and referred to Montclair NJ Pinot's Palatte by another family member, who was brought in by a friend and in returned, Nancy booked a party. The satisfied party definitely had a lot of fun: "sipped and painted". Based upon like and price range, this amazing party group, too decided on this specific painting to paint. Ann would love to revisit the studio and paint a few of the incredible paintings displayed on the walls. 

The first strokes

The Class, in full-attendance, started and ended on time as creativity is always encouraged. Everyone is inspired to paint at your own discretion and I love the personal touches added to the class complete with step-by-step instructions and tools:
  • Meet and greet.
  • Select an appropriate size apron.
  • Aprons are worn to protect clothing.
  • Embroidered names are worn outside the Artists aprons. 
  • A canvas and easel is set up and ready to paint upon.
  • A paint cart is provided.
  • A fast drying acrylic paint is is supplied.
  • Large and small paint brushes, folded paper towels, cup of water are also contributed.
  • Promotional photos and group shots are indeed an added bonus.

Left wing shaping up

Good job


My 3rd Masterpiece

My Butterfly began (starting out) looking like a rabbit and my son yelled out to Eve, "you make it look so easy... Eve replied: "cuz I've done it before." Oh, yes she has! There is no question about that! Bravo Eve!!...GREAT JOB!
Rasheeda and Friend

Yup, Rasheeda, "we had a great time too and will be back again!" I agree Lala and Eve, "the left side of the Butterfly was a lot work". "Yes, it was", responded Eve. But, the good news, we all did it!!!

Class Photo

Thumbs Up, Montclair NJ Pinot's Palette is a pleasant and friendly environment. Everyone appeared to have had an immense time, myself included. A lot of fun and laughter. And if you never Tried it, I beseech you to Register a class today at a Pinot's Palette near you! *Photos by Montclair Pinot's Palette.

Kudos Collen, Eve, Adriana! Thank You Ann, Maryanne, Nancy, Ayana, Lala and My Family: Daniel (son), Tracey (sister), Jasmine (Niece) Emmanuel (nephew)!

My Family

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