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Sambulance's Annual Dig, Dine, Drive

On Friday, June 9, 2017 from 6:00 to 10:00 PMDiggerland USA partnered with the SAMBULANCE Program, a 501 c(3) non-profit tasked with fostering special needs safety education. Both entities co-hosted Dig, Dine and Drive, an annual fun filled evening that took place for every one to experience!

Tickets for the all-inclusive event, were priced at a reasonable $30 each, where live entertainment, a BBQ buffet, auction, specialized stunt show, as well as access to all the park's various attractions; the modified programming with reduced sensory input from lights and noise and free ear plugs available upon request were all included and drew a generous crowd of so many happy people.

Proceeds are noted to go to and support the continued education and safety of special needs individuals through the non-profit, which offers free hands-on training to the special needs community that is such a well-worthy cause.

"Being able to provide lifesaving presentations are so rewarding," said Annie Peters, Executive Director of SAMBULANCE. "The special population we reach is particularly vulnerable in emergencies. Knowing that we are making a difference in helping them stay safe, makes this job really special. Emergencies are daunting experiences, so allowing exposure to emergency personnel, vehicles and situations is vital."

And, I'll say again, as a Mom of an amazing special needs son, I certainly understand how terrorizing an emergency experience can effect and impact an entire family. Thus, is why "I'm Godly grateful that such a great service exist to cater to the specials needs of so many incredible special people".

My son had the time of his life, leaping, jumping, running to ride from here Back Hoe Adventure, Operation Battle Truck, Ground Shuttle, The Greased Beast, Dump Truck to there Rock Wall, Skid Steers, Rope Course, Big Diggers (a l-o-n-g roll of them), Workman Trucks and the Excavation Ride. But, he's not the only who had a great time, note a few others:

Lauren and her family were amazing while standing in the food line. "They loved the event. She was actually introduced to the fundraiser by a friend. In returned, Lauren visited Sambulance's website, saw the event listed, along with the price posted and was SOLD on the all-inclusive cost she could not beat!" However, truth revealed, "she wanted to bring her child a year ago and it's the Sambulance's annual dig, dine, drive reasonably priced fundraiser that made it possible".


I certainly agree, not only was the "price right", but an overall special needs evening, starting with great weather, a warm welcome, the incredible event's lineup of raffles, appetizers, rides, games, entertainment and plenty of food to eat, whereas, I noticed everyone enjoying themselves; families and guests of every creed and culture as there was indeed loads of things to do during this reduced sensory event.

Then again, there's often one that seemed to expect more. Case in point ~ Guest: "What this thing do?" speaking of the The Greased Beast. Attendant: "goes up and vibrate". Guest: "is that all it does???" Attendant: blank stare (hm mm). To funny...I did not refrain from laughing out loud. What more could she possibly desire? I just can't imagine... How I See & Say It: "the Sambulance Dig, Dine, Drive is a very good event!"


Other the hand, "In The Spotlight", it never cease to amaze me regard to the wonderful people I meet along the way; such as crossing paths with Danica Lafortune of Little Falls, NJ, who began a part-time supporter and working alongside special needs people and now employed for a total of sixteen years with Advancing Opportunities All Disabilities. Many Services. One Agency.

Advancing Opportunities, Inc., is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization providing services and supports to people with disabilities and their families so they can live independently. Recognized as one of the leading disability service providers in the state of New Jersey, the agency is committed to person-centered services delivered in the community. And, that's definitely great news for those who are in need of these special services.

Danica not only has two sons of her own, ages five and thirteen years old who always wanted to visit Diggerland since her eldest was five years old, but has a none verbal sister diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. She too received an email notification and was drawn to the all-inclusive, "price range and food being included, as well as the nice weather".

More to the point, Danica enjoys community events that revolve around special needs and find them necessary for all, including the sensory interest that Diggerland display throughout their events. She sincerely appreciated the sensory night as did I. 

Diggerland USA is no doubt, the construction -themed adventure park covering 14 acres of centrally-located land in West Berlin, NJ and offers visitors the opportunity to operate full size excavators, dumper trucks and backhoes among a range of other heavy machinery in a safe, family-friendly environment. Oh, the fun!

The SAMBULANCE Safety Squad certainly educates individuals with special needs on emergency management. Using actual first response vehicles and the help of emergency personnel, the SAMBULANCE brings complimentary programming directly to your special needs school or organization; without question book today!

Moreover, Big Thank You To Nemours DuPont Pediatrics in Voorhees. A number of both local and national companies have donated over $5,000 in raffle items for the auction, including Virtua and TD Bank.

And, for more information on the SAMBULANCE and/or to make a donation, provide sponsorship, events, and/or to purchase tickets, contact Annie Peters at (856) 322-6182 or visit and I'll see you next year! 

Huge Thank you to Annie Peters, Sambulance, Diggerland, Danica, Lauren, my son, Daniel, sister, Melonese and the inspired readers who are faithful to reading each published Blog post! *Photo Credit: Brian Bortnick Photography. *My son's photos by Jehovah Express Reductions, LLC.

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