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31st State Fair Meadowlands



JUNE 22 ~ JULY 9, 2017

Oh my goodness, food, shows, rides, valuable food coupons, kiddie-land, free daily shows and events, the raw God-given talent: "And to one he gave five talents, to another two, and to another one, to each according to his own ability; and immediately he went on a journey", who can ask for anything more!

Well... certainly not us! The State Fair Meadowlands is an event within  events that I love to enjoy! Wherefore, Sunday, July 2 and Tuesday, July 4, 2017, I was granted the amazing opportunity to review and Blog about this incredible annual event now in its 31st season. 

In passing the seemly inconvenient, but necessary tight security, I knew in an instant that I would upgrade my media tickets to Unlimited Ride Hand Stamp on Sunday, July 2 and Fast Pass on Tuesday, July 4 to experience all the state fair had to offer.

Fun and more fun, thrill and excitement; starting with meeting Annie, Danielle and Rosa, pleasant guest service representatives who was a huge help in assisting with tickets, scheduling, amount of rides and attractions as I learned there at at least 27 plus adult size rides and 17 plus for children regarding the Fast Pass.

Oh, Hold Up! Wait a Minute! Yummy!! How could I forget the delicious pizza samples that caught my attention and gravitated my taste senses from the start of the main gate and just as you exit the fair ground. Yup, one of the State Fair Meadowlands generous sponsors, Dr. Oetker Virtuoso was dishing it out as we sampled the best taste sample, one-of-a-kind, crispy thin crust, mouth-watering, Virtuoso's Signature Spinach pizza I've honestly tasted.

Furthermore, right off the bat, literally located at the front of the main gate, we were mesmerized with the "art of magic!" Magician Artie Miller absolutely astound the small ground and a was wonderful tour guide. More to the point, I've never undergone magic up-close-and-personal as my son (jr. assistant) and I faced. Artie blew our minds with each magic trick, such as the money trick, as to how he exchanged a $2 bill into 2-$1 dollar bills in front of our eyes as one magic trick quickly appeared one behind the other, placed within my son's hands and "whoa" we never saw "it" coming! And note, magic is define as "the power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces" and not something that I personally believe in and practice.

But, it's no wonder he's so magical. Throughout an incredibly storied 30-year career, Artie Miller has built his reputation on being a magician’s magician—someone who is dedicated to the art, craft and sheer joy that has made magic one of the most exciting and timeless forms of entertainment. Artie’s interest in sleight of hand was sparked at a young age when he accidentally opened a birthday gift his father had bought for a cousin. It was a "beginner's magic kit". That was the inspiration he needed to began his journey as I relished in his life-time stories.

Moving forward, of course the "Highlights" and "In The Spotlight", "Honorable Mentions" and "The People's Voice" are always and often my main attractions, starting with...

Bryan Hansen Band: "Make it Do What It Do..." Bryan Hansen Band is an adult alternative rock band located in New Jersey. Members include Byran Hansen on Guitar and Vocals, William Blakey on Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals, Cwan Merritt (Q) on Drums and Hank Rosenthal on Piano.

Bryan Hansen and Band rocked out the American Stage State Fair Meadowlands, July 4, 2017 in front of a mixed crow with a few classics such as "What's Going On?", "Kiss", "24K Magic" and "Tug Of War"  from their latest album, "When You Stop Pulling Back" (nice).

But, I betcha didn't know that Byran Hansen is a Born-Again Christian who proclaims "the message is in the music" when asked "if so, why render alternative music?" I'll will admit, as a born-again Blogger, I too sense the spirit of judgement passed upon me when I review and blog about worldly events: "my words are written in the way I see it and choose to express it." Bottom line.

Nonetheless, singer songwriter Bryan Hansen has been performing since age 15. He learned how to play the guitar at age 11 when his father restrung his Fender Stratocaster that had been collecting dust under a bed for over 10 years. Fast forward to 2009, Hansen recorded his first solo EP called "Ebb & Flow", a concept recording about a relationship from beginning to end.

The album is a dedication to Bryan's father, who taught him how to play the guitar at age 10 and also under the spiritual leadership of Senior Pastor, Rev. A. R. Bernard of Christian Cultural Center since 2008. I affirm, I love listening to the album "When You Stop Pulling Back!"  Track 3, Tasteless is my favorite.

One more thing: I bet you've never known that Bass Guitarist William Blakey is not only married to the beautiful La'Sonja of The Golden Easel for 10 wonderful years and father of 2 remarkable children, ages 13 and 8 years old, as well as met La'Sonja online at Black Planet, but more than that, Will is spiritual, musical, the band's bookkeeper, a police officer of Union County, NJ singer and song writer and actually wrote his bass parts in the past songs. *Contact La'Sonja at (862) 812-4251 or or Facebook/Instagram @thegoldeneasel for your next paint party.

Steve Bayner: "Hypnotizing people," says Steve "is something I love". Hypnosis is a skill that is developed through years of study and dedication. His combination of wit, stage presence and charisma are only a few of the reasons for his how's success. Steve's crowds are standing-room-only.

No doubt, audience participation is key to his show's success. Selected audience members certainly become the stars of the show. The remaining viewing audience are certainly captivated by the newly developed stage show filled with impromptu reactions, and revealed, hilarious talents and are never disappointed! "Absolutely Never!" Each show has its own personality and humor, reflecting the uniqueness of the individuals in the audience. Yes! Yes! Yes!

As a selected "subject" at the State Fair Meadowlands, July 4, 2017, every word stated and written about Steve Bayner is true. I'm a living witness to his world of hypnotism. Please be informed, I'm not encouraging anyone to try it. I was curious and chose to be a participant. For many years, I was without question a skeptic and did not believe in hypnotism. I always believed that hypnosis is not a God thing. There's no way that I could be hypnotized and that people were just acting and faking it; that was till it actually happened to me and now I own the video to prove otherwise!...Whew... "it was a fantastic experience and the best time I've had to date".

And, as many inquired after the show if I was acting and really hypnotized and could I remember what happened? Yes, I confess. I could remember several events during the show that blew my mind and I assure you, I was not acting no matter how hard I would have tried. Yes, I was truly hypnotized. It was real and Steve was not aware that I was blogging for the event. Further, instead of being noted as one of the most amazing subjects, I sincerely thought I would be asked to leave the stage. Be it as it was, again, I was Hypnotized!

Check out Steve Bayner Adult Show (18 and over) at the Saddle Brook Marriott, Friday, July 14, 2017. Doors Open at 7:00PM. Show Time at 8:00PM. Ticket Priced 2 for $25.00 at the State Fair Meadowlands now through Sunday, July 9, 2017. $25.00 General Admission at the door the day of the event will apply.

SHAWN MARREN The Human Cannonball! I noticed how Shawn was kind of enough to shake hands and meet with a few fair goers after the show, as I slipped right in to chit and chat for a moment to received his contact information, as well as a quick peak with Lexie. I admit, I was very intrigued with this "the human cannonball" whose worked with the team for just about five years. His individual performance was  breathtaking.... 5-4-3-2-1... B-O-O-M! "Thank God he just made it!"

ROCCO Constanza, Pop and Rock Artist who has "The Voice!" I enjoyed his 2nd set July 2, 2017 as he rendered various tunes by popular artists, like "She Will Be Loved" (Maroon 5), "Let Me Love You" (Justin Bieber), "Moves Like Jagger" (Maroon 5), as well as his newly released single, "Heartbreak Halo", May 14, 2017.

Adding,  Rocco was a gem to interview as his Business Manager, Tom Peterson invited us to meet him backstage where Rocco greeted us with a pleasant smile and gentle mannerism and welcome us into his air conditioned trailer (hah...). There we sat down and talked about his age, place of residence and then some, including snapped photos.

Whereas, I'm pleased to report, Rocco Constanza is a humbled 24 years old pop and rock artist, residing in Hopatcong, NJ. He's been playing the drums since he was 10 years old. He's now a soloist artist for no more than 5 months. He liked performing as a band, but appreciates the spirit of freedom and independence a solo act brings.

And, not only is Rocco very gifted and talented and musically inclined, he's also involved in multiple cause worthy organizations relating to anti-bullying, such as the The Anti Bully Squad and Rock For Character, while incorporating and intertwining his music all at the same time. When asked, "if he was bullied"? Rocco replied, "he was not bullied in the normal sense, but bullied via social media when his record came out". The impact, no doubt effected him and the same time, it did not break him.

He therefore, applauded his Instagram fans for their encouraging words, like, "thank you for saving my life"; which struck a memory cord when inquired of his "first show" as a solo artist that took place in Hackettstown, NJ. "A young girl, who is a huge Rocco fan dream came true when after an unfortunate circumstance, Rocco was incredibly kind about it and in return, her parents booked him for her private birthday party".

Sorry ladies, no questions asked regarding his personal life, but he certainly spoke proudly regard to his passion project, Rock For Character, an organization founded on the purpose of spreading the value of Character Education through music and media to connect personally with and positively influence high school, middle school and elementary school students across the country. RFC is a Unique POSITIVE "Voice" in today's world that is crowded with influential negative media messages directed toward our youth. Operating under the premise that most young people listen to music and look up to the musicians possibly as much as other media source, their goal is to visit schools across the nation to connect with students and teach them the 6 strings (Like a guitar) of Character and to spread other Positive Messages: Passion. Attitude. Respect. Trust. Thoughtfulness. You. "Keep your character in tune, One string at a time".  

The Anti Bully Squad was founded by Denver Broncos Kicker Brandon McManus and music manager Tom Peterson in September of 2014. Its Mission is to create a permanent solution to bullying through education, awareness and prevention.

There's no question about it, Rocco Costanza is a rising star! Check out his newly released single "Talk To You" now available on iTunes and upcoming single, "Keep Up" featuring rap artist, Gallo Locknez.

Rosaire's Royal Racers, "racing no swine before it's time" and yes indeed I agree, "a squealing good time"; granted you're into "pig racing". For I had no idea how much I would revel in it and be selected as a contestant of "Katy Piggy Perry" (so fitting) in the final round, "Heat #3". "Come On Katy!" Let's Go!!"

Rosaire's Royal Racers has been in business since 1991. Wayne Rosaire started racing pigs in 1988 for a friend who unfortunately passed away in 1989. Soon after, Wayne decided to build a pig racing company of his own. He put it out on the road in 1991 the same year his daughter Pamela was born. Pamela grew up on the road and astounding announcer just like her father.

Wayne was born into a circus family in England in 1961, he's a 7th generation performer. Making Pamela 8th! Pamela is now expecting her 1st child and runs the business as co-owner, along with her Fiancee' Evan, and younger sister Kathryn. Her Father and little brother David also help out along the way... It really is a family affair!

I've now discovered that the Rosaire's Royal Racers are from Sarastoa Florida, 30th year at the State Fair Meadowlands and well taken care of. Every pig racer is smart and receives about 2-4 weeks of training and on Sunday, July 2, 2017 at 4:00pm, there remained 3 Heats per race: Heat #1 ~ #1 Shakin' Bacon, #2 Pork Chop Pam (1st place gold winner), #3 Harry Ham Bone, #4 Sizzlin' Sausage, #5 Oscar Mayer. Heat #2 ~ #1 Miley Swine-us, #2 Bustin' Bacon Bieber, #3 Lady Hog-ga, #4 Piggy Azalea (1st place gold winner), #5 Britney Spear-ribs. Heat #3 ~ #1 Rolling Thunder, #2 Tyrone The Terrible (1st place gold winner), #3 Katy Piggy Perry (my 3rd place winner), #4 Lindsay Lo-Ham, #5 Donald Rump Roast. The pigs receives a creme-filled cookie at the finish line. I think my Katy Piggy Perry did not receive the memo and was in no rush for snacking lol. Needless to say, she lost the final round, which indicates I lost as well.

Moreover, thrill rides will continue being my son's favorite form of amusement and off he went and as often, beyond the Scooter (bumper cars) to Starship 3000, Haunted Mansion, Fire Ball, Sky Flyer, Rock-Roll Fun House (2x), Orbiter, Zyklon (roller coaster), Crazy Mouse (coaster) and many others. Lexie was nice enough to come along and ride the Slizzer with him. Plus, I definitely adored riding next to him and the immense fun we shared.

The overall Open-Air Thrill and High Dive Shows were absolutely thrilling! Professional Artists "putting their lives on the line for our entertainment" were no truer words spoken by Ringmaster Johnny Rocket. The increasing winds played a tremendous factor per each performance. Every flying and swimming trick was death defying.

Young Lauren Nock, Granddaughter of Captian Eugene and Jessica Nock opened the Open-Air Thrill Show, Sunday, July 2, 2017; Lexie, Aerial Trapeze twirled on the ropes, Shawn Marren, The Human Cannonball was shot through the cannon and achieved it; Galaxy Girl90′ Sway Pole back by popular demand climbed and traveled her way up to yet capture the world's top trapeze record at 127 feet high, no nests, no safety devices and, oh yeah, "no brain" lol, concluding with a aerial head stand.

Johnny Rocket and Ashley StarCyber Cycle Act, motorcycle and aerial trapeze, 8 generations strong, expended 35 feet in the air with the helicopter spin as Johnny goes faster and faster, lifting and flipping the helicopter in mid air. Russel, Lexi, Theresa, Gino and Nino, Flying Acrobats and High Wire Aerialists performed startling flying tricks... up until Nino attempted a double flip and oops slipped, attempted a second time and nailed it. The show concluded with motorcycle madness, the Globe of Death.

"The People's Voice" were heard all throughout the State Fair Meadowlands and as often I listened. Barnza claims "thrill rides are not good for women who may or may not suffer with blood clots" and her boyfriend declares "he'll never ride the Fire Ball ever again!" Considering, I hold no medical license, I, therefore, do not endorse and support Barnza's claims.

Other the other hand, Julie has been attending the State Fair Meadowlands for over 25 years. It's a family tradition, year-after-year. A native of Newark, NJ now residing in PA she still comes to the fair to snack on her favorite food items and brought alongside her great granddaughter July 4, 2017.

Anika saved and purchased her tickets by way of Groupon at $25.00 each for 2 Unlimited Hand Stamps and Fast Passes. That's a great deal! And states, "her son thanked her for buying the Fast Passes so he wouldn't have to stand in line and she too came for her preferred treats.

In honorable mentions, it was a delight to be introduced to State Fair Meadowlands sibling duo Al Doro Jr., owner and Michele Tartaglione, manager director. Al shared how he "inherited a passion for entertainment from his father, who incorporated State Fair, now the State Fair Group, in the 1960s and he has helmed State Fair Meadowlands since 2003. The fair, which first opened in 1986 and within in the last 17 years, Al decided to reconstruct it, whereas areas of the fair grounds, i..e, concerts, rides, vendors, kiddie-land, etc. are all placed in a more organized fashion".

The Doro family also owns the State Fair Seasons Store in Belleville, NJ, which sells Halloween costumes and holiday decorations, and Al Dorso is an owner of Skylands Stadium in Augusta, NJ, home of the Sussex County Miners baseball team. 

Clay of Texas Grill was very cordial and poured out the freshest and delicious homemade ~ strawberry and lemon lemonade of the fair. Although I'm a faithful Verizon customer, I was very impressed with Melissa Smith and Maggie Venango of the Magenta Fleet T-Mobile Showroom that includes a magenta mobile truck, bean bag toss, in which my son and I lost against "Powers"; winner give-a-ways, good service and awesome fun. I appreciate a great marketing plan.

Country singer/songwriter, Former Island/DefJam recording artist and Canadian Billboards charter Rod Black was the opening act for Steve Bayner and worthy of honorable mention. He along with Lori Manicone, friend of Steve (just friends lol) were very generous in assisting behind the stage.

Rod recently released his new single, charting #18 on The Ice Man Top 40, "Miles to Go" available on iTunes, Spotify and Apple Music. He grew up on the classics ~ from Southern Rock Pioneers Lynyrd Skynyrd, to the original outlaws: Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and Mr. Johnny Cash and he's currently in the studio ~ writing and recording songs for the upcoming 2017 EP.

And what's cooler than the Original BATCOPTER from the TV Series BATMAN appeared in the Original BATMAN Movie and the Original BATMAN TV Series. Captain Eugene Nock, A.T.P.  with his wonderful wife Jessica of Nock Entertainment Group, Inc. acquired this World Famous Helicopter and has meticulously restored N3079G to complete airworthy condition and available for your event and noted of honorable mention. *The Batcopter will be appearing at the Empire State Fair Long Island, July 20-July 30, 2017. "American history to the public". The day and evening are the best time to fly.

There are sincerely no words as to How I See It & Say It that describes the well-constructed and massive amount of fun and enjoyment the State Fair Meadowlands brings to my home State of New Jersey. You really must experience it for yourself. I guarantee it's great fun and something for all to be entertained. Will an attendant of the Skyline was pleasantly friendly as were most of the fair staff members, on point, well organized and extremely assembled in keeping the lines moving in decency and in order.

So it begs the question, if you have not attended the State Fair Meadowlands, why in the world not? What are you waiting for? There's "a time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance". Don't take my word it! Try it for yourself! The State Fair Meadowlands runs now through, Sunday, July 9, 2017.

Careful planning and a concerted effort by all involved to develop and promote the Fair as a place where families may enjoy an exciting and affordable day of special activities mission is complete. There is, however, one suggestion, I extend to the fair owner, please host a special needs night for special needs families and a gospel night for the church praises. "Let everything that have breath praise the Lord!" AMEN.

State Fair Meadowlands runs a total of 18 days, June 22 - July 9, 2017. Visit the web at for tickets and details. And, if you don't make it this year, make certain to add it to your entertainment pleasure for the 32nd Annual State Fair Meadowlands  next year and I look toward seeing you there!

Huge Thank You to Al, Michele, State Fair Meadowlands, Annie, Danielle, Rosa, Artie, Rocco, Tom, Shawn, Pamela, Bryan, William, La'Sonja, Barnza, Lexie, Clay, Melissa, Maggie, Jessica, Lauren, Lori, Rod, Julie, Anika, my son, Daniel and all the inspired readers of this Blog post. Thank You! 

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