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90 Million Years Back In Time with Field Station: Dinosaurs: 9 Minutes from Matthan


Have you have wonder what it would be like to walk among dinosaurs? Well... wonder no more, Field Stations: Dinosaurs got you covered. And with a two part adventure, I can assure you it was well worth the trips!

According to Field Station: Dinosaurs it is a world-class family attraction that combines cutting-edge science with the creative minds of great artists to create a one-of-kind experience that's thrilling, educational and fun and is wild scientific expedition just minutes from New York City with over thirty life-sized, realistic dinosaurs that come to life thanks to the brilliant engineering of the world's leading roboticists and the imagination of their artists.

Now the story of the dinosaurs is vividly presented in Bergen County's Beautiful Overpeck Park, on the banks of a scenic creek and surrounded by natural woods. Scientists have worked hard to ensure that the exhibition encompasses the latest theories and discoveries in the fields of paleontology, geology, and environmental studies.

Workshops, games and activities also connect the story of the dinosaurs to our world today, giving new relevance to their lives, and power to the tale of their extinction. And, Yes at the center of it all is the absolute fun, the sheer joy and the imaginary wonder of dinosaurs. The expedition will no doubt, take every family on a shared adventure - full of mystery, surprise and a sense of Awe...mazing!

Which brings me to Media and Scout Day, June 17, 2017. From the very moment, my son, sister, nephew and I arrived, we instantly thought of Jurassic Park. But not quite, we had just entered into the Field Stations: Dinosaurs, where upon purchasing or picking up tickets you're able to take a photo with a Dinosaur by a Field Station Photographer and greeted by Park Guide, such as Nicole who enthusiastically explained the credentials and tools needed to become a "Super Paleontologist", once you've received a stamp within your credential book for completing each activity.

Following after that, we were of course in awe of the giant robotic Apato-saurus that stood directly in front of us. The realness is astounding. All we could do was stop and stare as we heard its sounds and watched its movements before heading towards Orienteering with Bob Burg, whose been with the Field Station: Dinosaurs for about 5 years. There we learn how to read a map and use an orienteering compass to find locations, planned and took on the "Map Treasure Hunt Challenge", an amazing, educational, treasure hunt journey with the intent to finish what we began.

Up next, we were fascinated with Reptiles and Amphibians by The Lizard Guys, Enzo along with daughters and wife, Cindy. "Lighting" the 3rd largest sulcata tortoise as we checked and learned what bugs, frogs, lizards, snakes and turtles live and eat and many touched them. Enzo was also interesting to interview, who appeared to have found his calling as The Lizard Guys are now a division of Juniors' Venture. Inc., which is a New Jersey based educational entertainment group that provides live animal presentations with lizards, snakes, turtles, frogs and various bugs.

We then moved on to Paul Kurtz, Insectology from The New Jersey Department of Agriculture, Division of Plant Industry who is very passionate about his position and I can understand why as we discovered the major invasive bugs, such as the "emerald ash borer" bug adversely affecting the habitats that they invade economically, environmentally and ecologically, but more important what can we do about it.

Paul, employee informed us that ninety-nine to one-hundred percent of trees that will die if not treated or removed; wherefore, the main focus and mission of The New Jersey Department of Agriculture, Division of Plant Industry is providing disease and pest protection through detection, control, and eradication, inspecting nurseries and plant dealers for plant pests, regulating importation of certain plants into New Jersey, performing tests related to the essential honey bee population, and biological control of plant pest efforts at the Phillip Alampi Beneficial Insect-rearing Laboratory.

Well, that's a mouth-full lol... Nonetheless, thereafter, as it began to drizzle, we made way to the Amphitheater for the entertaining yet, educational "Hey Ho Haddy" show that include story time, contestants and loads of fun, followed by Geology with Marc Rogoff from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, where we were able to examine fossils of native New Jersey residents from twelve thousand to over one billion years ago. Geology also consisted of a "Match The Fossils" game.

In addition, those who made the matches and completed the game in the allotted time were able to have their credentials stamped as the rain began to shower down, but not before we took a walk through the "River Trail" and experienced the "T-rex Feeding Frenzy" and "Dinosaur Dance Party" back at the Amphitheater. The T-rez Feeding Frenzy and Dinosaur Dance Party are live action shows for all to enjoy.

That was until the rain began to pour down as we ran for cover into the Family Tent, where a round of "What Color is Your Dinosaur?" was in play and then off to the canteen to grab a bite to eat, however not before crossing path with Guy Gsell, President and Chief Executive Producer for a brief interview, in which I learned "Guy has had a liking to dinosaurs for a life-time and once Jurassic Park hit the scene with a big splash, he knew then, opening Field Station: Dinosaurs would be as successful as it is now", we thereafter grabbed and ate nearly soaked meals (just kidding), and finally decided to catch the "Sea Rex 3D Movie" before departing as the rain became to hail down even harder.

Moreover, Thank God Field Station: Dinosaurs was well equipped and prepared in supplying an abundance of ponchos. However, that did not stop the pouring rain which put a dapper on the remaining of the day and we decided to call it quits and head home.

Wait... there is good news, my son and I returned for "Haddy" the Hadrosaurus, the live show that tells the story of the Hadro-saurus with music and fossils, Saturday, July 1, 2017 and was more amazed the second time as the first. The weather was partly cloudy, yet humid, but suitable enough to conclude the adventure, starting at the beginning, minus seeing Alan's and Claudia's smiling faces. On the other hand, we stopped to take a photo with a Dinosaur by Natalie; greeted by Jesse who also greeted everyone with cheerful enthusiasm as we once again received the Field Station: Dinosaurs credentials and proceeded back into the field.

More to the point, this time around, I was intrigued to learn a few interesting facts about several "In The Spotlight" staff members, such as how Harrison who "was hired because of her theater background and she certainly fits the mold. Her future endeavor is in theater" and I have a strong feeling "she'll make it!"

Moving onward, we really enjoyed stopping by the "Mesozoic Concentration" station with Alex, which is a memory matching game of tools a Paleontologist would use that is so much fun to actively participate. And applauds to our team members, Julian and Stephan who caused our Team One "Apatosaurus" a perfect tie with Team Two "Paleontologist!"

After the "Look Out" with Fixer and Repairer, Charlie, we crossed path once more with Ramapo College Student, Alex "whose employed by Field Station: Dinosaurs for 2 years future endeavors are to perform as an Actor in film and notes, theater is a good move to".

In between time, I could not help but notice a beautiful inquisitive little girl, Chloe, who was curious to know if "Haddy" the Hadrosaurus was okay and "why you take her away from her Mom?" she curiously asked of Alex (too cute for words) and from there we embarked upon the "T-rex Feeding Frenzy" with Chris and "Jumpin Jamie" yet again, minus the rain and was absolutely amused by the theatrics. My jr assistant and son, Daniel was selected as a participator alongside Skyler,  Lucas, Hadden and Iesha. Oh, the hilarious fun! "Let me hear your T-rex roar!"

Soon afterward, we took another stroll down the "River Trail" and met Brooke in route to the next adventurous station. It was a delight conversing with her and learning that "she too had a interest in the theater, but some how the Field Station: Dinosaurs sparked her life interest that changed her life; whereas she now has a sincere interest in paleontology and goes on fossil digs, etc."

Furthermore, before a delicious and dry lunch at the canteen (lol), my son and I decided to test out the "Raptor Trap"...Whoa... can you imagine being trapped in a maze with Raptors? Okay, maybe not, but astonishing fact, "the Raptors seen in Jurassic Park are not actual size. It appears Steven Spielberg magnified them for the film... Well, I tell you "it worked!" I was convinced and terrified.

We then decided to take on the "Field Station Challenge" (Myth Busters) back at the North Tent led by Nicole. The challenge was simple enough: answer true or false to the questions asked. Wrong, my team earned 7 wrong out of 9 correct. Moreover, did you know that the Blue Whale is the largest animal that ever lived and the Ankylo-sauras' brain is the actual size of a walnut? Nor did we. Those are just a few scientific facts to learn at the Field Station: Dinosaurs.

Huh Oh! On no! Here we go... my jr. assistant's (son's) favorite thing to do. Yup, play in the sand. But how could we miss. The Sand Pit is adjacent to the Fire Pit where we were on a mission to complete the "Scavenger Hunt" from start to finish.

Nevertheless, at the Sand Pit you're able to uncover hidden fossils within the sand. While there, I of course heard from Chrissy, "The People's Voice". Chrissy was visiting from Westchester, NY with son, Jackson and nephew, Tyriq. Chrissy states, "so far so good" when asked, "how are you enjoying yourself?" It was her first time she proclaims and went on to express as to how her Mother is an educator and when she heard of the Field Station: Dinosaurs she knew she had to come. Education is key factor for her and the Field Station:Dinosaurs surely measures up with all its educational activities and stations". There's no question, she will return as I felt that we had a great conversation one with each other. Talking about everything from the Field Station: Dinosaurs and beyond.

Did it rain? you asked. Yes, it certainly did and we once again took refuge in the Movie Tent, where we benefited from watching the "Sex Rex 3D Movie" a second time and finally once the film concluded and the rain cleared, except the scorching sun was now beaming down upon us, we headed toward the "Flight of The Dinosaurs", where we enjoyed a song by "Jumpin Jamie" and found out there are 4 major points regard to the subject matter. No, I won't spoil it for you, you'll have to experience it for yourself. Even so, my son, Daniel and Dillon were quite the volunteer participators. "Eureka!"

And, Yes we did! We completed the "Scavenger Hunt" with 100% correct answers! WooHoo!! Not bad, huh?

How I See & Say It is undoubtedly in agreement with the Field Station: Dinosaurs. Walk along their trail, check out their 32 life-sized dinosaurs and participate in over forty live shows, games and activities, which are all included in the Day Pass admission price, with the exception of Sea Rex: Journey to a Prehistoric World, which is an additional $5 when purchased at the door. The movie is included in the Explorer's Pass and Season Pass and so much more. Multiply Scouts were present on Scout Days as they weathered the rain and media showed up, such as Beauty and the Bump, which was a pleasure to meet and greet.

Visit for added information and tickets.

Humongous thank you to Alan, Claudia, Guy, Field Station Dinosaurs and Staff, Chrissy, my sister, nephew and my son and all inspired readers of this Blog Post!

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