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Official Selections Announced For The 5th Annual Churches Making Movies Film Festival

OCTOBER 13-15, 2017 / $45-$100

Praise The Lord! The official selections of the Churches Making Movies Christian Film Festival (CMM) was announced Tuesday, July, 2017 to be held in Northern New Jersey, October 13-15, 2017, in which twenty (20) films are selected, beginning with the amazing keynote speaker, Sonya McNair, Former Senior Vice President of Communications for CBS News and red carpet vocalist, J. Nicole: 

Sonya McNair

J. Nichole


Faith's Song, directed by Frankie Hutto/USA - A young girl's faith is tested, when her parents are suddenly killed in a car crash and she is forced to move in with relatives who are non-believers.

Found, directed by Cody Pyper/USA - Found follows the story of Raymone Maye, a man who was living a careless and selfish life, but was completely transformed when God took hold of him and revealed His awesome power.

Invisible: The Story and Hope of Mexico's Street Kids, directed by Stephen John /USA - Imagine if your children lived on the street, in a makeshift shack under a bridge, in the sewer, or in a box. This is the reality of 20,000 + kids in Mexico City. This documentary explores the streets of this 22 million person city looking for an answer into this overwhelming dilemma. 

Losing Breen, directed by Doc Benson/USA- Breen was a promising Highland Dancer...until the ravages of early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. Now she's caught between two competing caregivers: her son and her mother, each with their own personal trials.

Because of Gracia, directed by Tom Simes/USA - Chase Morgan’s parents named him Chase in hopes that he would pursue something, be a man of action. Instead, he’s ended up the opposite. But in his senior year of high school, someone comes along who turns that around. GrĂ¡cia has charisma, intelligence, character—all the things Chase and his best friend OB admire.

Denounced, directed by Stephen Bortsalas/USA- A hate filled joins a murderous regime after losing his family in a rapture like event. Struggling to gain faith after being excommunicated from this group he finds solace in some nomadic travelers.

Underserved, (REGIONAL PREMIERE), directed by Marc Steele/USA- Dawn, a young woman of 18 is suddenly forced to live with her aunt and uncle after her mother is tragically killed.


Blind Faith, directed by Taishon Shelle Black /USA- Imagine meeting Jesus. What would you say to him? Would you recognize him? That’s the conundrum facing a man like Henry Mickels. On a road trip towards upstate New York Henry comes to meet a stranger claiming to be Jesus Christ. What began as a lonely trip has now become a quest that will test Henry’s faith. In this humorous short film we find out just what it takes to turn a skeptic into a believer. 

The Last Believer, directed by Titus Pannell/USA- A prisoner who has amnesia has his faith put to the test during a torturous interrogation. 

Oppressed Free, directed by Ravi Rapaka/Canada - A teenager is trapped in addiction. Will she find an exit door? 

Stuck, directed by Joseph Tese/USA- First in the "Stories of Hope" series, Stuck introduces Rael Thigpen as Darren, a teen who runs away after learning that his father is being released from prison. When he finds himself locked in a church overnight with a homeless man, Darren is faced with considering a new option; forgiveness. 

Armor of God, directed by Xavier Garcia/USA- Detective David Martinez (Jonathan Garcia) and Seargent Steven Hye (Thomas Grower) argue why, in today’s America, there is such turmoil between citizens and the police-force when suddenly they’re interrupted by a dispatch call that takes them to the home of a demon possessed John Ropes (Sean Hanlon). 

Crossroad, directed by Xavier Garcia/USA - This short film highlights the events that take place on the road to Emmaus in 33AD between two disciples and "the man," revealed as the resurrected Yeshua of Nazareth, the Christ. The narrative follows two of Yeshua's students, who have since given up hope of their teacher’s promised resurrection post death by scourging and crucifixion three days earlier. 

One Day, directed by Gwendelynn Martindale/USA - What would you do if you had one day to live? One Day is a short film about a young man John, who finds out that he has only one day left to live, he makes a plan for how he will use his one day, but things do not go as planned.


The Coming Convergence, director: Brent Miller Jr..USA - This whistle-blower film breaks the mold of what a docmumentary can be by pulling you deeper into the reality of the approaching apocalypse as you follow the story of a young girl (Erin Hawkins) that is living through the end of days.

Invisible: The Story and Hope of Mexico's Street Kids, directed by Stephen John /USA - Imagine if your children lived on the street, in a makeshift shack under a bridge, in the sewer, or in a box. This is the reality of 20,000 + kids in Mexico City. This documentary explores the streets of this 22 million person city looking for an answer into this overwhelming dilemma.

Tranzformed, directed by Karl R. Sutton/USA- Fifteen ex-transgender individuals join with numerous experts to dispel the confusion and bear witness to what Jesus Christ can do for those who struggle with gender dysphoria.

Called to Tonga, directed by Jerry Paquette /Tonga - The inspirational and true story of a family that decided to move from the United States to a small island in the South Pacific. Chris, a construction worker and ex-drug addict, after experiencing the redemptive power of faith, decides to pack up and move his family from the United States 8,000 miles away to the small island nation of Tonga in the South Pacific.


STEM, directed by Sterling Macer/USA- Saved, Tested, Edified, Manifested (STEM) shares the story of three women (Erin Sands, Maura Gale and TV Blake) whose personal journeys of tragedy and triumph ultimately lead to an incredible testimony of faith, resilience and healing.

Secrets In The Pulpit, directed by Treena Ringgold/USA- is the story of a pastor and first lady who struggle through a tumultuous time in their marriage.   


The mission of the Churches Making Movies Christian Film Festival is to educate, energize, and empower churches to incorporate filmmaking into their ministries and to give exposure to the best church-produced films in the world. In addition to movie screenings, the festival offers seminars and panels for church leaders, directors, producers, actors and those interested in utilizing films as a Christian evangelical tool. For images and additional information about the films and filmmakers, please visit


Contact Churches Making Movies Christian Film Festival for password word if interested in selling your product(s) during the Fifth Annual Churches Making Movies Christian Film Festival!

WHAT: Churches Making Movies Christian Film Festival
WHEN: Friday, October 13 - Sunday, October 15, 2017
WHERE: The Holiday Inn Meadowlands, 300 Plaza Drive, Secaucus, NJ 07094
Visit for tickets and details.

I'm extremely honored to be interview and review at this year's fifth annual CMM christian film festival! Can't wait to see you there! 

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