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The Ultimate Comedy Show in New Jersey



O H M Y G O D!! W H A T A N EVENING! I've never laughed out loud as hard as I did Sunday, July 9, 2017 at The Woodland, Maplewood, New Jersey!

But, before I go there, allow me to began here. From the very moment I crossed the threshold, I knew I would have a good time. The overall space was decoratively on point with tables and chairs clothed and draped in black and white chair covers and table cloths, some trimmed in gold as each such table, such as where I was sitting Table 6, front and centered, were adorned with a sparkling glitter golden / white candle, while DJ Nix In The Mix entertained the incoming audience. The southern cuisine included: fish & shrimp, fish, wings, burgers, salad, green beans, potato salad and of course macaroni & cheese provided by Chef Rob Southern Supper Table. Hmm... I'm hungry! Vendors were also on hand and yes, of course alcohol was sold on the premises and the VIP patronages received royal seating and treatment.

Nonetheless, okay, okay, I understand I'm a Born-Again Believer, who loves the Lord with all my heart, mind and soul, but get over it already. I also enjoy love and laughter. And that's just what this audience received, believers and none-believers unlike. "Lament and mourn and weep! Let your laughter be turned to mourning and your joy to gloom". With all the chaos in the world, sometime you need to let your troubles go and just laugh" is a sentiment I shared with Marquis the Promoter who "hosts comedy shows about every three months".

Once more, this show is not your "church Mother kinda of clean funny" and nor am I suggesting that church folk attend said event, especially if you sense you're unable to guard your eye and ear gates. Then again, remember, Yeshua Christ Jesus never sat only among the saints. Something to think about."

Moving forward, although, Capone was unable to perform, the show certainly went on! Kicking-off with flowery sun dresses and the house rules delivered by none other than the evening's talented Emcee "TALENT!" "It's Just Comedy!" Don't take it personal. Take a rest room break before the show and enjoy!

And I certainly reveled in it and grateful that the show was far less raunchy than I expected and I liked the realness told in a humorous fashion as Def Comedy Jam and BET’s Comic View "Drew Fraser" had me in tears about the weather, working out, women wearing open toe shoes, summer travel time, smoking weed; being in love, the difference between men and women taking vacations; Tiger Wood getting caught through the use of his cell phone; Bill Cosby beating his rape case; Paul Dean and the "N" word; Caitlyn Jenner titled as Woman of The Year; "American Distractions" and "women wanting men they can't find".

Not only does Drew hold a very impressive resume, but did you also know that "he has a MBA in Business, inspired by the now 45th President of the United States of America, Donald Trump. Drew further stated how he was inspired by Donald Trump, prior to his presidency and thought that I would not like him sharing that information as he applies his business degree in his business of and as a self-employed Comedian".

In as much as it is noted, Drew’s vibrant performances have been enthusiastically received by audiences across North America and internationally in such places as England, Holland, Australia and Bermuda; it is true, "whether on screen, at an event, in a comedy club or showcase, Drew Fraser has the natural talent and ability to captivate audiences of any group, regardless of race, gender or age. This for sure makes him one of the most respected and sought after entertainers in the industry".

Which brings me to funny man "Mark Veria" who was born and raised in The Bronx, New York became fascinated with comedy early on and it shows. Mark literally had me on the floor in laughter joking about Latinos turning it up, which was no doubt the best ice-breaker as the room was in stitches when he spoke of new love in comparison to his 21 years of marriage and getting comfortable within it; hiking with his son and "how you don't have to fall to get hurt"; his look of concern regard to the amount of shoes his wife owns and the tight dress that she was determined to slip into.

Wherefore, I agree, whether he's talking about his crazy marriage, his growing kids, his beloved grandparents, doing one of his dead-on impressions or joking about his life growing up in The Bronx, Mark Viera takes his audience on a hilarious, heartfelt journey, finding enjoyment in the absurdities of life. But, how many knew the one thing I learned about Mark, in that, although, "he's always had a love for the stage, he's been playing the drums since grade school".

However, nothing could have prepared me for the King of The Bronx "Rob Stapleton", an energetic and interactive comedian who has toured extensively around the United States and veteran from HBO's Pdiddy presents: The bad boys of comedy, hit a home-run jesting around the living in the projects, "chicken verses seafood money"; proud to be black; oh my God, "the cookout" and how Colored people should add Caucasian people to their guest list and his gay cousin at the cookout (no offense intended) that included audience participation; broke Colored and Latino people, roaches, funerals, "car and no having a car people",  Sonny the old man, Club story with the wheel-chaired bound person and I'll never forget how he "heard the music" as to why he chose his wife of one year, August 25, 2017.

There's no question, why Rob has become a first hand pick by some of today's comedy giants as he has recently been selected to be a part of the filming of Mike Epps and Friends live at The Nokia Theatre and Jamie Foxx's Foxxhole Comedy Tour. It appears, things have only gotten better for this high demand comic as he was selected to join the elite cast of Jamie Foxx and Affion Crockett's new FOX TV Sketch Comedy show titled "The AfterParty" in 2011 in which is being considered by many to be the next "In Living Color", expect the one other thing you may have not known about him, in that Rob informed me that "he cooks and love doing it. Being a sibling of multiple siblings, he learned at a younger age to prepare mouth-watering meals and if ever needed, he could be the next great top and/or sous chef ". That's how well he cooks.

As often and always, my greatest joy is interacting, speaking and sharing with the people and hearing "The People's Voice", while I'm honored to encourage a few along the way. Robin surely "like the show and thought that it moved along nicely, but the wait time was too long". Karen, however, "loved the show and thought the comedic jokes were funny bone uplifting, as well as noted the ticket-goers seated alongside her as nice people".

And in as much as an event planner intends to turn out the most fabulous event with out a hitch, you're forever find unsatisfied people; such as complaints about the show not starting on time, cold food, not enough servers and the "cash only" deal was indeed a deal breaker for many.

More to the point, in defense, according to Promoter Marquis, "the "cash only policy had nothing do with his policy". "For, it was and is the policy of the establishment" and "I'm never using The Woodland again, wherefore, anyone who is considering The Woodland to rent, please contact me so I can inform you how they did everything they could to get me to cancel the show", quotes Marquis.

Thereafter, in speaking with representative, Jamal Miller of The Woodland, I was assured that "The Woodland has nothing to do with  the caterer, food, menu, vendors, cash only policy, etc., when it comes to renting out The Woodland and set up by the Organizer(s), unless utilized by the city of Maplewood and they do accept credit card payments".

For the record, no matter whose side you stand upon, it is not my position and in my best interest to choose sides. I find Marquis a pleasant person to work with and The Woodland a beautiful establishment to host your next event. But, please contact the Organizer, Promoter or The Woodland to address further comments and/or concerns.

On a more positive footnote, as frequently, I relished in interviewing several of the vendors Marquis invited to the event. Hearing every inspired behind-the-scene stories were so inspiring. For example, Tesa Erven Author of The Loose End and other shared as to "how her husband, who found her manuscript was inspired and asked, "what are you going to do with this?" and therefore invested in her self-publication venture". Talk about support. "Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself for her."

Tesa is also a caring, easy-going, reliable woman that loves the Lord and her family. She was inspired to write after being an avid reader for so long. She read her favorite author’s first book and knew then that she wanted to create her own love story. "It has always been a lifelong dream of mine. My goal is to have a large reader base where millions will enjoy my stories", stated Tesa and excited that she "sold over 100 books per vendor events, more-so than selling them on her own, as well as working in the process of writing and publishing book number 5".

Then there's Stephanie L. Bonelli, Owner of Side Kicks 2go, LLC expressing positive points of its purpose as Side Kicks 2go are comfy ballerina's packed in color coordinated pouches. Their ballerinas fit discreetly in a woman's purse for easy traveling.It's great to pack a pair in your purse, desk, glove compartment or at home. They are perfect to keep handy for the moments your feet crave for comfort, which are indeed the perfect "side kicks" for on the go.

Following Stephanie, we have Darney Dodson Owner & Operator of J&J Scrumptious Delights, specializing in red velvet, classic, carrot, pineapple coconut and more sweet cupcakes and desserts all from scratch, freshly homemade. Darney too has an interesting tale as I immediately assumed that his lovely wife was the owner when I first approached their vendor table. "Wow"... much to my surprise, I soon learned "Darney does the baking and his wife packages the product. The amazing part of the story is that Darney has had a love for baking every since he was a small boy, family and friends have enjoyed his bake goods throughout time and it grown from there over the last 6 years".

I encourage to you to place your order today at 973-477-2810 at your discretion. I was not granted a sample taste so you gonna have to click the link above to view the delicious treats and take their word for it and try them for yourself.

Last, but not least, Kathy Cherry, Owner & CEO of House of Cherry, LLC struck me as a creative and ingenious entrepreneur who came up with a "unique idea to incorporate various organic health cares products into an all in one-stop-shopping (all in one place). A interesting business that didn't exist until now".

Oh yeah, I almost forgot the Bartenders Dawn and Nicole, who served up all the favorite alcoholic and none beverages. Not to remiss, there were plenty of NY Kings of Comedy Tour caps and t-shirts for sale.

Moreover, this is how I simply See It & Say It, in spite of a cash only policy, whose right or wrong, cold meals and then some, my pet peeve is Time. I'm a stickler regarding being on time. Therefore, if doors are publicized to open and 3:00pm and show time began at 4:00pm, I expect to start on time. "Time doesn't wait for anyone, but you always have to wait for time". Therefore, "I must work the works of Him who sent Me while it is day (while there is yet time); the night is coming when no one can work (no time left)".

Nothing, seriously bothers me more than a group of people arriving late, waiting to fill a room and not beginning on time. Look, I understand things happen. But not all the time. So, let's get together people, you know who you are; start on time and end on time, please. And just one more thing, Truth told, I honestly knew nothing of these impressive comedians before now and yet, I enjoyed each one in his own right.

With that, there's just one final thing to share regarding TALENT when asked, "tell us something we don't know about you?" he admittedly answered that most people do not know that "he loves and enjoys a simple life, long walks with his dogs on and off the beach, coming home to spend time with his children and just relax, as well as shy about approaching women. Well now... who would have ever thought behind all his manly exterior that would be the case, but then again, he and I chuckled because he doesn't have to when women are often approaching him", wherefore, I recognized, gone are they days, it seems, "he who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor from the Lord".

Big Shout Out To Promoter Marquis BUMPA2BUMPA ENT and Keith DJ Nix In The Mix for allowing me the amazing opportunity to review and Blog; TALENT, Drew, Mark, Rob, Robin, Karen, Elonda and Thank you all inspired readers of this Blog Post and mark the date, Marquis is coming back to Newark, New Jersey,  Cinema Comedy Series, CityPlex 12, Thursday, October 5, 2017. As per Marquis: "shout out to the hard working people who purchased your tickets for the last comedy show, Sunday, July 9, 2017".... See Ya There!

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